The story starts in Ankayya palem and the undisputed head of the village is Ankayya Dora. He rules the village and is also the king maker in politics. His wife is Visalakshi and his only daughter and the apple of his eye is Vijayanthi. Right from childhood it is decided that his nephew Ram Bhupal will wed Vijayanthi. But Ram goes to the city to study and falls in love with a girl called Sameera.

The CM’s son is also in love with Sameera and as she does not love him they plan and kill Sameera’s parents with vengeance. In the meanwhile Ram is forced into marriage with Vijayanthi. He tells Vijayanthi that he is in love with Sameera and cannot mary her. But since she knows her father she pleads Ram to marry her and promises to search for Sameera (who goes missing) and then get both of them married. Ram and Vijayanthi get married and move to the city.

Sameera is kidnapped by the CM’s son and in an accident looses her memory. Here fate intervenes and Sameera is rescued by Visalakshi and reaches Ankkaya’s house. Ankkaya who is missing his daughter badly starts treating Sameera as his daughter and both become very attached to each other.

Ankkaya comes to the city to treat Sameera and eventually she regains her consciousness realizes that she had loved Ram. In the meanwhile Vijayanthi gets pregnant and delivers a girl child.

She has to leave house and her child with Ram and Ram and Sameera get married. There is a lot of rich sentiment in this family drama where Ankkaya plays the lead with his daughter being the sufferer for the father’s deeds. the story goes into the next generation with ease and with major twists and turns the story flows with interesting tension and a gripping screen play which keeps the viewers glued.


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