Ramachndriah and Mahalakshmi are a happy couple with five chidren. Their eldest daughter Chitra leaves her husband as comes away and stays in her mother’s house.the second son vasu is a software engineer studying in Hyderabad. The third is Krishna who is doing his B.Com and helping his dad in his work. The fourth is Sivararnjani who is our protagonist and is in his work. The last is Susila who is in her 10th class and is aiming to be a doctor.

The story starts with the father feeling sad that his son Vasu has not got a job in the cith. Kalyani who is his sister’s daughter and Vasu’s would be wife is consoling him and cheering the whole family. Vasu is a self centered guy and though he has got a job has not told his family because he has to send money home. He cheats all of them and marries his MD who is a divorcee with a son. The whole family is disturbed by his behavior and then slowly their troubles start.

They are forced to move to the city. Ramachandriah goes missing and Krishna goes to jail and a series of events lead to Ranjani taking up the family responsibilities.

In her work place Ranjani and Sive fall in love with each other but both have their family responsibilities.

They come to an agreement that they will get married but will continue supporting their respective families. This is ok theoretically but practically they start facing difficulties and end up in separation.


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