Abhishekam is a story of a mother and a son, it is a story of family relationships and human values.

Narasimham and susila have two children, Vinay (10 yrs) and sumathi (6 yrs). The family was once middle class but has gradually started sliding into poverty due to the bad habits of Narasimham. He is a drunkard and a opportunity to swindle Narasimham of his ancestral property. Vinay hates his father because he grief, but she has no parents with whom she can share her grief, but she has a doting brother and sister-in-law (Ramakrishna and shanthi ). Though they want to help her she has too much of self respect to tell them her family matters. But Vinay goes and tells them their plight. Ramakrishna comes to take away his sister and children with him but susila refuses to leave her husband. Her brother leaves with a heavy heart. One day a drunken Narasimham pushes his daughter in anger. Sumathi falls down and hurts herself and dies. After this incident Vinay decides to leave the house and study well and take care of his mother. Taking advantage of the situation Gaanuga Lakshmi forces Narasimham to marry her and he succumbs to her wishes.

Vinay reaches a village and befriends Maastaru who takes a liking for him. Though Vinay gains the confidence of Maastaru his daughter Rekha (8yrs) and her grandmother (Ansuya) don’t like Vinay as he is of a different caste. Inspite of all these hurdles Vinay stays in that for 12 years and gains a good position in the software field. Maastaru’s friend Balaramayya is also very fond of Vinay as he has achieved his goal. But Vinay’s real goal is to find his mother and keep her happy. He searches for her everywhere but does not find her grandmother Vinay has to comes out of Maastaru’s house and stay in Balaramayya house.

Vinay reaps the benefits of his hard work and gets a chance to go to the US. He gets his visa and is returning back when he sees an accident where a small boy is injured. Vinay immediately takes the boy to a nearby hospital. In that hospital Vinay accidently sees his uncle and to his joy comes to know that his mother is admitted in the same hospital. He also comes to know that his dad cheated his mother and feels very angry. He spends more than 4lakhs and gets his mother operated. Vinay also gets a very good job for a salary of Rs.40, 000/- per month in GK Soft solutions. The company provides his with a house and Vinay moves in with his mother.

He meets a girl Swathi and afterwards comes to know that she is his boss GK’s daughter. Vinay starts avoiding her when she proposes to him because she is his Boss’s daughter. GK cones to know this and goes to Vinay’s house and talks about the marriage proposal to his mother. From then on everything goes well Vinay and Swathi get married.

One day when Vinay is travelling he sees Maastaru falling down on the road and becoming unconscious. He helps Maastrau and as he talks to him he finds out that Rekha is in the hospital and is in a serious condition of depression. Doctors give up her and say that she will not live long. Vinay also comes to know that Rekha was in love is very upset and goes home and tells his mother he also tells her that doctors have said that she will not survive. Susila visits Rekha and as per her last wish asks Vinay to tie a thali in Rekha’s neck so that she will die in peace. But to everybody’s surprise Rekha recovers and enters Vinay’s house.


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